Amanda combines her background in Conflict Resolution and Raja Yoga in her trainings and workshops on using and understanding body language. She believes that bodily awareness should be used a tool to navigate (inner and outer) conflict and reconciliation wisely. Amanda regularely leads women’s circles, retreats and individual coachings. Her yoga-classes are designed for you to explore your personal inner physical and mental system, in a non-judgemental and open-hearted way.

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Janna Lou has a strong passion for expression through movement, which led her to explore and blend tricks and poses from circus theatre and dance. For the last 15 years, you could find her acting, moving around on stilts, swinging on trapezes and dancing with fire. Her love for hoopdance took her performing all over the world. For the last 5 years she guides professional hoop dance classes in Leiden and Amsterdam, as well as masterclasses abroad.

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