(a fun way to) empower the feminine

14 october 2018, 10.00 – 12.30, Pllek, Amsterdam North

Normal price: €25, Early Bird: €20 (before 01/10/2018)


Hoopdance-artist Janna Lou and Yoga-teacher and trainer Amanda Liana developed a unique method in which they combine their expertise in yoga, hula-hoop dance, (womens’ and mixed) circles and body language.

With the poses and movements that we make during yoga and hula hoop, we automatically target the area’s where much energy tends to get stuck: the hips, belly, chest and shoulders. As a natural result, stress-release became a prominent theme in the workshops. That’s why we actively design our workshops towards a loving and playful atmosphere where people support and encourage each other. This might translate into specific themes (like femininity, yin-yang, balance, friendship), locations (like yoga studio’s or in the middle of nature) or rites (like drinking raw cacao).

Ready to get out-of-the-head and into-the-body, to find presence and to get life-energy flowing? All this in a playful and gentle way? In their workshops, you’ll feel supported, nurtured and fully alive! Suitable for all levels. Also if you are new to yoga and/or hula hoop dance.

“Janna Lou and Amanda clearly have a lot of experience and open personalities, which instantly made me feel like I was in good hands.”Participant Yoga&Hoopdance workshop